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Feng Shui your Life Force: Your Kua or Gua Number

Well Being with Kua Gua NumberThe Kua or Gua number of Feng Shui is a personalised technique that is determined according to the day of your year of birth, your chinese horoscope. This is a simple to use method yet powerful formula of Compass Feng Shui School. Don’t think that it is Feng Shui for beginners, simple doesn’t mean ineffective! Your Kua or Gua number is simple to use.The main goal of this formula is to place the human being according her personal law of nature, her Life Force.

Every person is born with her own lucky and unlucky directions. The best start in the practice of Feng Shui is to determine the directions and locations of your living space that are most auspicious for you.

The first step therefore is to calculate your KUA or GUA number.

The formula is different for women and men. If you are born before the 4 february, you must deduct a year from your year of birth.

 KUA number For Women1- Take your year of birth.

2- Add the last two digits.

3- Reduce it to a single digit

4- Add 5 to this single digit.

The result is your KUA number.

Example year of birth: 1982

8+2= 10
10+5= 15
1+5= 6

For a female born after 4 february 1982 , her life KUA is number 6.

KUA number For Men:

1- Add up the last two digits of your year of birth.

2- Reduce it to a single digit.

3- Deduct from 10.

The result is your Feng Shui KUA number. It is the easiest way to Feng Shui your Life Force.

Example year of birth: 1958

5+8= 13
1+3= 4
10- 4= 6

For a male born after 4 february 1958, his life KUA is number 6.

If your resultant number is 5 then males will assume life Gua 2 and Females will assume life Gua 8.

For people born in or after 2000 add 6 for a girl instead of 5 and deduct 9 for a boy instead of 10.

If your Kua number is 1, 3, 4 or 9, you belong to the East group. The best directions are North, East, Southeast and South. Use them and Feng Shui your Life Force.

If your Kua number is 2, 6, 7, 8, you belong to the West group. The best directions are Northwest, West, Northeast and Southwest.

You should commit your Gua number and your aupicious directions and locations to memory so that you will always use your life force in any situation.

The bad directions are the directions of the opposite group.

How to use your Feng Shui Kua number, your Life Force for your benefit ?

You can use this formula to directly benefit you in your interior living space be it at home, or at work. This is one of the best way to use Feng Shui to improve your life.

Once you know your Kua number and your directions, the rule is to try facing at least one of your best directions or to sit in one of your best locations and to always avoid facing your bad directions and locations. Now you can find a compass on your IPhone or Android.  In making a habit to take and face one of  your good direction, you will Feng Shui your Life Force.

How to apply the formula

These Tips are easy to apply and are powerful.

  • Sleep with your head pointed to one of your good directions.
  • Your stove should face one of your good directions
  • Your main door should face one of your best directions
  • In the office try as much as possible to face one of your good directions

On my next post i will give you more informations on each of the good directions.

To Your Success as always