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Y.S France

I know you are reading my testimonials because you are looking for a Feng Shui consultant. I hesitated, just like you, to make the right choice among different consultants found on the internet. You may have various reasons mine were finding a suitable apartment for my family.

I might post another testimonial in a year time with the results of thework. For now, I just wanted to share my experience working with Hajer.

First, I bought her Ebook Feng Shui it gave me a good general overview. I tried some other consultants (didnt work for me that was my extra payment for the right choice) and finally decided to contact Hajer. In few words: rapid response, lots of questions (you will appreciate it at the end), very personalized and tailored to your needs and intentions approach.

p.s. Dont be surprised if Hajer calls you a few hours after your submitted a request.

Good Luck!

G. B., Sweden

“I was suggested by a business acquaintance to meet with Hager as it had “changed his life”. So I contacted Hager and asked her to do a report on myself and my daughter.
When we met for the recap I was completely taken aback by the bull’s eye, straight to the point accuracy of the report that I was absolutely shattered at first. How could this be so accurate based only on a date of birth and location? The insight was terrifying but also relieving.
So right then I decided to move forward and asked for the full fledged analysis of my house. I took on the project as a business project, fully determined to go all the way. Hager came back with a LONG list of things to do – two phases: right away and at a later date. There was no way out. I spent a weekend on the first part, and then a full week on the second part as it included a lot of cleaning out. I moved furniture, installed electrical items, professional road mirrors and had minor constructions done in the garden  all in all, the project took me 2 months to complete.
I never stopped once to question, or reason, I just DID.
And it changed my life. Both my daughter and I sleep well, and love our respective rooms, there is a sense of harmony and wellbeing in our house, we both have successful results at school and at work – it’s not comparably to “before.” There is harmony and sincerity in the place we live now.
I just want to emphasize the commitment needed and the determination to go all the way  then it has absolute results!”
Barbara B., Switzerland

I was referred to Hager by a friend of mine who had completely turned her life around in the space of a few months after meeting with Hager and taking on board her advice. I was in a very “stuck” place in my life. I knew that a lot of things were not working and that I was out of balance, but I didn’t know what to do to turn things around. I wrote Hager an email one evening when I was feeling particularly desperate, especially concerning money. I knew that I needed to take action and I really didn’t want to find myself in this desperate place again.

At the first meeting I was immediately struck by how much of what Hager new about me from the Destiny Chart she had created rang true. She was very blunt about what was going on with me, but not unkind. I had the impression that she was “giving it to me straight” out of compassion, in order to push me to take action because she really wanted to see me in a better place. I wasn’t pleased by everything she said, and some of it I downright resisted, but because the key points were so close to the target, I made the decision to follow her advice and to see if I could perceive a difference.

The first thing I did was to give away over half of my wardrobe. I parted with some really loved things because they were not good colors for my energy. This may sound like a superficial change, but I immediately felt the difference in my energy and I also started to get compliments when I wore the colors that were recommended for me. I had never worn a lot of green, but when I started wearing the one green scarf I owned, people really noticed and complimented me on how nice the color looked on me! I also started to swim once a week and found that I felt relaxed and refreshed afterwards. I began to incorporate yoga moves into my stretching routine and felt more harmony in my body.

A few weeks after our initial meeting, Hager came to my flat and had a look around. She measured and reflected and then we stared moving the furniture! We rearranged the living/dining room quite significantly and changed the direction of my bed in the bedroom. She recommended that I buy a mirror for a particular wall and that I enclose the shoes I had on a rack near the door. We also repositioned several plants. The changes were really quite small, but I immediately noticed a difference in how the house felt. It seemed more open and spacious and less cluttered too.

It took a couple more months for me to implement all of the changes, but now that I have pretty much everything in place, I am not only noticing that I feel differently in the house, but my energy is different even when I am not at home. I feel more powerful, more integrated and people are reacting differently to me. It’s hard to explain, but I feel somehow more whole, more me. I fully intend to continue to take Hager’s advice and to alter my surroundings to keep the energy flowing. For me, this works!